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Frequently asked Questions:

General Problems

What are some Coating Defects?
What are some approved fabrics?
What are the available products?


HTC 104 Certified 1.8 oz. Dacron Fabric 70" wide/yd
C 102 Certified 2.7 oz Dacron Fabric 70" wide/yd
(For most certified aircraft ie. Cubs etc.)
C 101 Certified 3.7 oz Dacon Fabric 70" wide/yd
(For working/heavy aircraft ie ag planes)

Dacron Finishing Tapes - Pinked Edge

STR tapes are 2.7 oz fabric: precision cut with clean edges
STR1 1" pinked edge tape/50 yd roll
STR2 2" pinked edge tape/50 yd roll
STR3 3" pinked edge tape/50 yd roll
STR4 l" pinked edge tape/50 yd roll
STR6 6" pinked edge tape/50 yd roll
STRB2 2" biased pinked tape/25 yd roll
STRB3 3" biased pinked tape/25 yd roll
STRB4 1" biased pinked tape/25 yd roll
STL tapes are 1.8 oz fabric: precision cut with clean edges: some prefer as the lighter tapes lad down and work easier
STL2 2" pinked edge tape/50 yd roll
STL3 3" pinked edge tape/50 yd roll
STL4 4" pinked edge tape/50 yd rolls

Covering Accessories

Inter Rib Bracing Tape
RC18 Hi Strength Flat rib lacing cord/500 yd roll
Flat cord pulls up tight: lays flat
RTN1/41/4" reinforcing tape/roll NYLON 72 yd
RTN3/83/8" reinforcing tape/roll NYLON 72 yd
RTN1/21/2" reinforcing tape/roll NYLON 72 yd
GRO1 1" plastic drain grommets/100
GRO SP Seaplane Grommets/100
ABL42 Fabric Rivets I/8"xl/8"/350
ABL44 Fabric Rivets 1/8" x 1/4"/350
Air Tech fabric rivets have large flat aluminum heads and stainless steel pulls. They pull up tight and stay- put.
ATIR Inspection Rings
ST 10/12 Straight Needles
Iron Model Iron Teflon Face
Therm Iron Thermometer

Adhesive Materials

UA 55Q Fabric adhiesive
RA 4000 Adhesive Reducer

Primer and Preparation Materials

RF4020 Fabric Wash
M9050 Alumiprep-Acid Etch
M9060 Alodine (converison coat)
PW1950 Self Etch Primer
PCU2950 Self Etch Primer Catalyst (mix 1:1)
N19200 Spar Varnish
M9250 Spar Varnish - Water Based
PA1900 Sealer Barrier Coat (apply over dope prior to topcoating with AT color: requires 4 oz. FA 3030/gal)
PE 1700 Epoxy Primer Base (Gray)
PCE 2700 Epoxy Primer Catalyst (Mix 1:1)
PE 1730 Epoxy Primer Base (Yellow)
PCE 27 30 Epoxy- Primer Catalyst
PE 1800 Fiberglass Primer Base
PCA 2800 FG Primer Catalyst (Mix 1:1)8 Oz
M 9586 Paint Stripper
PFU 10 30 Fabric Primer Filler
PCU 2030 Fab. Primer Catalyst (Mix 5:1)8 Oz.
FA 3030 Flex Resin
PFUW 1050 Fabric Primer - Water Based
Color Holdout Additive

Hard Deck Floor Coatings

Bicep Cleaner Concentrat
Acid Etch
Epoxy Color
Standard Colors
Premium Colors (reds, etc.)
Catalyst gal
Hard Deck Polyurethane Clear Coat
Hard Deck Resin
CCM 5200 Catalyst
Hard Deck Reducer (for epoxy color)
Roller Frames 18 inch
Rollers 1 /4 nap 18 inch
Epoxy Resurfacer 20 lb. kit (makes 2.5 gal)
Traction Improvement Grit 12oz
Glitter (silver or gold)4 oz

What is the weight of the fabric covering process?

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